Mosaic Glass Holiday Tree Workshop Sunday December 2, 2018

You will learn how to cut and pattern all different types of glass to create your our own unique design.  Then you will glue in the glass, choose a grout color and grout the glass. 

Choose your steel tree size when you sign up for the class. 

Workshop cost is based on tree size:  $65 small,  $80 medium,  $95 large.

There will be an assortment of trees in your size to choose from when you arrive.


Lunch and beverages will be served. 

Sunday,  December 2nd, 2018 10 am - 3 pm 

Nancy McIntosh Design

10300 N 124th St  Scottsdale AZ 85259

If you love color, puzzles, and time to relax, join us, it will be lots of fun!